SuAli Swing Shoes was born from the passion for swing dances and shoes of two women: Susy and Alice – hence the name Su – Ali.
Life enthusiasts, independent, workaholics, gypsies at soul, arts and sea lovers… Susy and Alice bonded as soon as they met, despite representing two different generations and having had completely different life experiences.

They decided to start this wonderful adventure together when they were just Lindy Hop dance mates in 2016 in Genoa, Italy. They chose the name SuAli to commemorate their friendship and unbreakable connection and also because, in Italian, SuAli is not just the crasis of their names. “Su ali ” literally means “on wings”, and on wings is exactly how they meant to make you feel when gliding on the dance floor with a pair of SuAli shoes at your feet.

In 2018 Alice moved to Paris and gave the SuAli business a chance to explore and expand onto a different territory. Other than in Italy, you can now find a SuAli Swing Shoes stand at the vintage corner of the world-wide famous festivals Savoy Cup and Jazz Roots as well as at all events organised by the renowned Parisian school Brotherswing.